Thursday, 19 July 2012

Billy came - the story so far

I'm going to be away for a week or so from tomorrow, if for no other reason than to give these arthritic old bones a bit of a break from this god-awful British summer and seeing if the latest therapy does the trick, or not.

I know a fair few followers of have already asked me if I'm going to turn Billy came, the short vampire novella (rapidly growing into a fully fledged novel at the behest of the characters, themselves) into a book...the truth is, I simply don't know if it's good enough.  Let alone do I have a clue where Sebastian and Perveen are going to take me next, now that they've been plunged down yet another level below terra firma, only this time under the wing, quite literally, of Vlad Țepeș himself.

Some of you have joined the vampire story half way through or relatively close to the point the tale's at.  When you're online it can be a bit of a pain in the neck to keep flicking from post to post, which in the case of Billy came, equates to from chapter to chapter, especially when you've got other stuff you need to be doing.

Now, I know us bloggers and writers all have extremely busy lives, not only with keeping up with our online presence but also with the stuff we do off-line.  Including life itself.  But if you get the chance, I've uploaded Bill came, the story so far as a .pdf file.  This incorporates all of the first three parts of this tentative toe into the waters of creative writing and the beginning of part four.

If anyone gets the time whilst I'm away to cast an eye over the story (approx 50 pages / almost 25k words) I'd really appreciate some honest feedback.  Am I urinating into the wind or is it worth developing further?

Right - I'll take up no more of your valuable time, only herewith the link:

Billy came - the story so far

Bless you all, and I'll see you in a week, or so.

Thank you so very much,



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  2. Thank you, Vampire Occult Society, for sharing this post with your membership - I can ask no more of you. Yours, humbly, Zebedeerox. xxx

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