Saturday, 27 October 2012

NaNoWriMo - 'The Seed' synopsis

Okay - you can read this on my NaNoWriMo profile, but for those of you who've not found your way over there yet, here's what this year's National Novel Writing Month story by Zebedeerox is going to be about.

Darren Hicks (a budding reporter and our protagonist) returns from vacation with huge swathes of the fortnight missing from his memory and his skin, if anything, is paler than when he flew out two weeks earlier with his father.Seed Cover

What he puts down to a fever when he gets back sees him return to work later than his allocated vacation. As a punishment, his boss (who takes more than a passing interest in him upon his return) sends him to The Highlands to investigate two random murders, which soon turn out to be related.

As he investigates, flashbacks from his vacation begin to haunt him, lending credence to the whisperings of vampires that several eventual allies start to consider as plausible rather than improbable.

With growing evidence that there is indeed a vampire on the prowl, a police officer - pining for the love of his life taken years ago upon their wedding night in similar circumstances to the current murders - along with Darren and his new-found allies seek to thwart the Nightstalker before a) the true story leaks out and b) to bring closure to the many aspects affecting said merry band of vampire-hunters.

There's a lengthy prologue before the story kicks off for real, whilst Darren's flashbacks escalate alongside the story hinting at what happened in the Canaries; this all leads to...well, let's just say a pretty gory finale.


  1. Wow, I take it you're not a Pantser! :) I'm lucky if I have even a vague idea what I'm writing about before I start a first draft. I envy you your plotting prowess. Good luck with Nano.

  2. Amanda - I've hit a huge brick wall - I cannae find the original notes for The Seed anywhere. The prologue - check. The bulk of the novel proper - kwak-kwak-oops!
    I have a feeling that this NaNo may instead be being used to complete the W-I-P on here, Billy Came, instead. Good luck to you too, chuck...I'd say 'see you in December', but I do hope you drop by beforehand. Zeb. x

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