Friday, 22 June 2012

Billy came 1

Billy Came - a short vampire story

Part One  - The Making of a Vampire

One: He came like the thief in the night

It was strange that he should choose this night of all to call. 'The Longest Day'. A day that would prove to be my eternal night.

summer solstice sunrise over stone henge
Summer Solstice | strange day for a vampire to call…
Thinking back but a few hours, although it seems a lifetime hence, I think he chose last night on a purpose.  According to lore, June 21st should have afforded Billy the least time in the year to carry out his damned courtship and wooing of my immortal soul.

Yes, immortal. It is now, or at least I am of the impression that that's how these things work.

He abides by no law, Billy. That I know. He's bound by neither natural nor ethereal forces. He pays no heed to myths, those written or whispered in the depths of a million nights through the ages that have borne legends of his kind.