Thursday, 2 December 2010

First Post - Undead Voices - Ode to The Undead - Jerald Larson

A world exists mere mortals cannot see:
The part of night whose darkness clings to me
So why not bring your life, so corporeal
And let me show you all these things I feel?

Please wrap your arms around my neck, hold tight!
There's nought to fear, sweet child, I shall not bite...
...that is, of course, unless at journey's end
You feel compelled to be my faithful friend.

What do you see as my eyes hypnotise?
I've found your soul; take leave, say your goodbyes.
You open up, sense depth in all my years;
Can't comprehend?  It reflects in your tears.

So, from the start: I, too, had to be 'made';
A game of Life, in Death, still being played.
My torrid end?  It would seem that's what passed,
But no, my dear, that breath was not my last.

The pure blood of the damned became my prize:
For he who’s chosen never really dies.
Can you imagine knowledge, mixed with truth,
I've learnt o'er years reliving mis-spent youth?

You ask me how my skin's so cold, yet strong:
It’s iron, my dear, that does not make it wrong.
Eternal Life can reward you so well;
Would you forsake it, or be damned in Hell?

The cut of my cloth, exquisitely sewn;
I've wealth in the banks, the houses I own;
My hair never grows; I don't need to shave;
My lodgings are free - I sleep in a grave.

You'll never see daylight - who needs the sun?
Time has no meaning when you're having fun!
Do I feel guilty for those whom I kill?
I vanquish the psychos, prey on the ill.

Untainted blood flows much faster, it's true;
So that's why, my darling, I've chosen you:
Chaste of the body and pure in your heart;
So sweet in surrender; where shall I start?

Give up your mind, all its hopes and its dreams!
Is that your pulse racing?  Stifle those screams.
My blood back to yours, the deed it is done;
Here we stand naked, together as one.

Walk in the moonlight, throw open the doors:
Cherish the night-time; its playground is yours.
Sense preternatural comes in a wave;
No one of this earth can make you behave!

But quick, let us fly; for here comes the dawn;
We need to seek solace; leave them to mourn.
Now lay down in silks, and satins of red,
Here in this coffin, forever your bed.

I'll leave you to dream of new glory found
As we sleep through the day, deep underground.
But when twilight comes, just promise one thing:
With your first fledgling, it's this song you'll sing!

(c) Jerald Larson

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